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I became involved with drupal in 2007. Since then I have been working fulltime on drupal applications , contributing to drupal, blogging and continuously been extending my understanding of drupal.

I m a Drupal Software and Business Architect. I analyse business needs related to content managment and translate these to software solutions which I can develop alone or with leading a team using drupal. I can setup and run an entire enterprise drupal production line. From analysis & conception, to setup of a development environment with CI and CD, to leading daily development, to running a production environment, I understand how to create high quality drupal software from start to finish.

I ve been working as a consultant for belgian agencies like One-agency, Dotprojects and Calibrate and as a freelancer I ve been working for clients like Orange MBS in France, Ausy/Dataflow, Cronos and indirectly with their partners and clients like Acquia, EU, Vlaamse overheid, Syntra, ... For them I have devised and implemented drupal solutions in countless ways. Thouching almost any drupal subsystem. Integrating it with numerous other services. I do not only understand how drupal itself works but also how it fits into the bigger picture, ie. How it fits into the enterprise IT structure, development workflow and its overall ecosystem but also how it positions itself into the ever evolving web.

I m committing myself fully to drupal because I believe drupal is the platform/ecosystem that will help evolve the web further in the right direction.


I became really passionate about drupal during these years so much that I started a consulting business around drupal in 2010. The result is a company called DDC providing a range of drupal services.

Being an entrepreneur myself I can related to the countless business owners who want to grow their businesses. The special combination of being a software architect and an entrepreneur makes me a business analyst capable of translating business opportunities into software that can save organisation money, generate revenue and create overall value.

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Web / drupal solutions. From the very small to the very large.
Drupal resources
Drupal training
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In januari 2013 I founded Dropsolid together with Steven Pepermans. We founded dropsolid because we wanted to service our clients even better. Dropsolid creates and delivers enterprise content management solutions, training and developers with a focus on drupal.

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