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About Dominique

I have been part of the first generation who grew up with the internet and I saw the potential of this technology growing. In 2007 I started out as Drupal developer and I gained deep knowledge on technical and functional aspects of how the internet could help organisations in the creation of beter customer relations through websites and digital experiences.

With this website during 2007-2014 I contributed a lot of knowledge about Drupal. At its peak, the Drupal-blog on this website had more than 10000 unique visitors a month from all over the world. As a software engineer it was important to contribute to opensource and share knowledge. I'm a published author at Pelckmans publishing with the book: "Aan de slag met Drupal 8".

In 2013 I founded together with Steven Pepermans Dropsolid because we saw organisations were in need of a company that could make digital business easier for them. Our company grew in a short time span to 65 people and we helped lots of customers like Soudal, TVH, Teamleader, Lotus Bakeries, Kinepolis, Boerenbond, Gezinsbond, ERA, and lots of SMBs to build their digital customer experiences.

Within Dropsolid I have the role of CEO and I'm responsible for the vision, mission, values, finances and roadmap of the company. The first 2 years I had the role of CTO. The years after I was responsible for sales and marketing. Steven & I succeeded in building a fantastic team around us. As a consequence of this the company grew 30% each year.

I reinvented myself during these years. This big scope required me to build a large skillset. With these skills, I guide customers through the marketing technology universe. It is a complex landscape that requires knowledge of marketing, technology and business.

Contact me if you need a guide through the marketing technology universe

  • If you are looking for a way to build better relations with your customers using the internet.
  • If you like to use marketing technology to do so and you are looking for a guide to help you.
  • If you are looking for an expert in digital customer experiences. I can help you to think of a strategy to go much faster to market with a better customer experience.
  • If you are a startup CEO and you want to know more about PAAS & SAAS, startups, scaleups and digital business models. We can connect and share our experiences and learn from each other.
  • If you like to know more about Drupal and you want to know how opensource can increase your speed to market and pace of innovation.
  • If you are an investor and and you like to create value together.
  • If you are looking for a job check out


I also speak on events. You can hire me as public speaker.

Drupalcamp Gent 2016

Digital First 2015

Dropsolid customer event 2017:

Showpad event in 2017:

Digital transformation summit in 2017 data talks 2018:

Articles & video's (in dutch)

Dropsolid voor de dag van de ondernemer

Dropsolid op AVS:

De youtube channel van Cooldrops,  een merk van Dropsolid dat werd samengesmolten met Dropsolid.





Want to know more about Dropsolid?

Dropsolid goes to market as a digital business company and guides organisations through their digital journey. Dropsolid offers its customers Dropsolid platform that ensures digital marketing is deployed in a smart way. This Platform-as-a-service and professional services makes sure organisations have the freedom to build a digital business and find their way in the marketing technology universe. Using Dropsolid platform they can rollout Drupal websites themselves, personalise the customer experience and automate the relationships with their customers.

What makes Dropsolid unique?

Dropsolid offers the total package of services like digital strategy, UX, development, online marketing, support & hosting to succesfully launch digital experiences. Dropsolid uses Drupal and saves companies 100% licencing costs. Organisations go 50% faster to market using our drupal expertise and Dropsolid platform. Dropsolid is the guide for midsize enterprises through the universum of marketing technology. With the correct use of martech, these organisations can benefit from maximum growth, become more efficient and become more valuable.