Hi, I'm Dominique, Co-founder, CTO & co-CEO of Dropsolidopen source enthousiast & advocate and I guide companies, organisations and governments with the realistation of open digital experiences and digital projects allowing them to stay sovereign.

I'm a Mautic council member and I'm advocate for the idea of an open DXP by bringing together multiple open source ecosystems like Mautic and Drupal.

I'm a publish author, I appear regularly on podcasts, get asked to speak & inspire people and I help CIO/CTO's, CMO's and CEO's to make better descisions.

I write here on this blog, the Dropsolid site, the Dropsolid podcast and I republish that content on linkedin en twitter.

Family man. I'm with Jess, together we have 1 son.

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In the Dropsolid diaries series, I talk in-depth about the journey of Dropsolid.

I’m excited to share that I got elected for the open source marketing automation Mautic community council.

I am very happy to be able to share the role of CEO with Steven Pepermans. Steven will focus on the professional services to go from website to digital experience (Strategy, UX, Drupal CMS, Mautic marketing automation, SEO, Data, consultancy and training) and the operations of the company and myself will focus on the commercial part of the company and the further development of our DXP product the Dropsolid Experience Cloud