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Dominique De Cooman

Search Engine Optimization Or SEO

Search engine optimalistation is the process focussing on analyzing the components of the visible page. With the visible page we mean the html that is being sent to the browser. We make sure drupal is capable of sending optimized html to the browser. In drupal seo we focus on installing and configuring modules that allow you to optimize this html. Drupal seo means also that we will integrate external seo tools to optimize our drupal website.

Using all these drupal seo tools comes with an expertise. You must know how to correctly use them. We will explain the basic principles of seo to you so you can continue building. You probably know about page-titles, clean urls, descriptions, keyword density, keyword research, linkbuilding but can you effectively translate this into an effective seo strategy that drives traffic, converts leads and boosts sales?

Let A Specialized Company Help You With Organic Seo.

Allow a specialized company to set you up with a system so you can stay up to date with all the changes in the algoritmes of all the major search engines. Once a search engine optimization has been done you don't know if you are still scoring well. We can provide you with the knowledge and tools to stay on top of you search engine marketing game. A specialized company can teach you how to do it or do it for you.

A specialized company has lots of tools that can integrate with drupal. Tools that range from: Keyword research tools, linkbuilding tools, keyword ranking tools, content optimization tools, on page optimization, error detection crawler, ... All these tools require specific knowledge. Search engine optimization specialists know how to consult you in this. Not every search optimization company keeps using these tools. They give you one optimization and you are done. But what about the future? They provide a long term strategy where we make the content you have work for you. Let your content do the work. Day and night it attracts customers.

What Is Drupal Search Engine Optimization Or Drupal Seo?

Drupal is already very optimized for SEO out of the box. It comes with clean-urls, well structured html, page title, ... A specialized company can further optimize drupal with modules to configure all kinds of meta tags, page titles, registering with search engines, linkcheckers, automatic links generator, redirecting, site map generation,  ...

Drupal seo optimization is hard work. Although you can probably install a lot of those modules your self and start researching. Leaving it to asearch engine optimization company allows you to concentrate on what you do best, managing your own business. A specialized company takes care of the tools and make sure you stay on top.

Integration with optimalisation tools. Look for a content writer tool so you can optimize text from within drupal.

How Does It Work?

Well there are a couple of basic principles.

  • We need to create the right content, with the right keywords in it without becoming spammy.
  • It has to real. Don't do blackhat tricks. If you have been proposed these kinds of tricks, steer clear from it. They don't work. The artificial intelligence of the search engines has become too smart. They will punish you. You wont exists on the net anymore.
  • You need to become an authority in your field or local field. Thats right most business should target local and not globally. Competition is a lot lower.
  • You must connect
    • Build links
    • Maintain links
    • Share with your users
  • Measuring
  • Continuous improvement

The seo tools are proven and simple. We use these seo tools to keep you informed on how you are doing and provide you with a way to improve.

The process

Analyze what you do. Then do a keyword research fase to determine on which keywords you want to compete.

Then do a competition analysis to determine how you rank among your competitors. Do this with keyword ranking tools.

Once we have clear picture of what needs to be done we start to create optimized content with our content optimization tools. If you already have content we can optimize that content.

Then look at your drupal site and install all the SEO related modules and explain your content editors how to use them. Preconfigure these modules for your website.

Then look at your website structuraly. How can you implant this content so our user will be able to find his or her way to our services and products. So you can convert and increase sales.

Now we setup our analytics tools so we can measure how traffic goes, conversion and keyword ranking improvement.

Then you need detailed reporting on how the effort to optimize the SEO is going. It will show you how your investment is bringing in more traffic and is giving you more exposure.

What Is The Difference With SEA Search Engine Advertising

SEA is based on advertising in search engines. You know in google where you have on the side and on top sponsored results. This can be a great way to attract traffic to your website, the only downside is that you need to keep investing in it. As a search engine optimization service provider we work together with search engine advertisers. These people know how to setup a campaign that runs very efficient. It will target the correct keywords and drive the right people to your website.

What Is The Difference With SEM Search Engine Marketing?

In fact this question is not relevant. Search engine optimization is a part of search engine marketing.

Search engine marketing is a part of inbound marketing which is based on the concept of earning the attention of prospects, making yourself easy to be found  and drawing customers to your website by producing content customers value. Blogs, podcasts, video, eBooksenewsletters,whitepapers, SEO, social media marketing, and other forms of content marketing are considered inbound marketing. This is a long term investment. Once the material is there, attention keeps coming in.

In contrast, buying attention, cold-calling, direct paper mail, radio, TV advertisements, sales flyers, spam, telemarketing and traditional advertising are considered “outbound marketing.” This is a short term investment. Attention need to be bought over and over again.

Marketers "earn their way in" (via publishing helpful information on a blog etc.) in contrast to outbound marketing where they "buy, beg, or bug their way in" (via paid advertisements, issuing press releases, or paying commissioned sales people, respectively).

According to research from moz about 50% of all users arrive on the website organicaly, which means from the search results and not from the sponsored links. And the beauty is that this is free and durable while advertising is short term and keeps costing.

You Are Unique

What is very important to understand is that you and your business are unique. This is a fact. Nobody does business in the same way. Your services and product will differ always from your competition. A search engine optimization will try to extract this in the seo audit fase. Then it will try to use this uniqueness in our content and in our strategy. So your customers in search for this differentiation will be able to find you. Search engine marketing is based on exploiting this true uniqueness.

For example. Say you are a lawyer. Advertising on the keyword lawyer is too expensive as in advertising as in getting to the upper ranks of the search engine results. But what if you are an intellectual property lawyer in Brussels. Now that is something we can work with. You probably know a whole lot of intellectual property law and your local area. Exploiting this information we can improve search engine results tremendously.


Hopefuly you learned something about Search Engin Marketing and are able to exploit that knowledge to make your business more findable using its inherent uniqueness.

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