Are your looking for drupal resources? Contact me I might help you find the right person.

If you are planning to hire me personally I have some considerations. I want the opportunity to talk to the clients directly. I must be able to explain of what value I can be to them. I must be able to explain that they need to hire me for getting to the solution with them. Most recruitment jobs are just man power. I personally don't work like that. If you are able to explain to your customer that what they need is a solution and manpower comes second then I might consider working with a recruitment agency.

If you have consultancy jobs that need one of the services I provide feel free to contact me. Contact me if your client is looking for:

drupal training

explore drupal to drive business

drupal business analysis

drupal team leading and development

drupal development workflows and quality assurance systems

vide you with an insight on the quality of code by doing an audit

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