The main goal for this project is to give Steepconsult an online presence that corresponds with their business. A new website that meets up with the actual standards will allow Steepconsult to further carry out their mission being “The added value to your company”. This will be done by providing their clients, freelancers and employees not only with useful information, but also engage them to interact on the website.

Steepconsult wants to attract high potential consultants to offer as an added value to its customers. It is key that with the new website we reach those high potentials and convince them to submit their résumé. Steepconsult matches key position with those high potentials so we should be able to reach the people in search of the profiles. These people are: business owners, management, purchasing departments, project managers, business and enterprise architects.

Dropsolid has created a Drupal installation with a responsive design. Their consultans all have user accounts that enables them to keep their résumés up-to-date. All profile information and vancancies are linked to the internal ERP system at Steepconsult, allowing them to reduce administration and increase visibility. We've also defined a social media and online content strategy that will result in the increase of visitors and conversion..

Who are you?

By knowing who you are you will be directed to a page where we have displayed all our drupal services relevant to your professional identity.