De Bron

Bron wants to offer correct and relevant information on political and social topics, this in an independant way. For this, a team was composed of critical Flemish with a thorough knowledge of the dossier and good writing skills.

Dropsolid created this Drupal website in a way the editors of De Bron could easily add basic articles, opinion pieces, analysis and media criticism. In addition the necessary tools were provided to add relations between different types of reporting by using taxonomy terms and tags. Social media integration and a build in rating system raise the involvement of the target audience, in time the options will be added for registered users to participate more by adding their own articles and comment on other posts.

This website is responsive, so anyone who's interested in these topics can access the messages of De Bron on any device. Special attention was paid to performance for an optimal experience of the website at any type of device.

Who are you?

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