Drupal site generation platform (drupal multisite)

Drupal mulitsite

Drupal multisite platforms are the solutions for small to large organisation trying to figure out how to solve the management of their network of sites. Instead of choosing for a single site request every time an organisation can save itself a lot of time and money by choosing for a drupal multisite setup. Using automation and standardisation in the creation of sites allows an organisation to quickly deploy additional sites when business sees it fit. Non technical personel can fire up a site on the platform.

For example your company launches new products and services fairly often. With a multisite setup you could then allow the marketing department to create a website using a the standardised drupal multisite platform to create a new campaign site. Since the platform was designed to create campaign sites all the marketing tools, content creation and administration tools are already there.

Deploying drupal sites like this is very cost effecif. Imagine going through the entire analysis process of a webagency over and over again to arrive at the same campaign site. Stop wasting time and money on project based approach and start using a platform when you need lots of the same type of sites.

No more inventing the wheel everytime a campaign or product site needs to be launched, saving you a lot of money. No more applies for budget and costly estimates from the IT department. No more waiting for months to get budget clearing. No, a platform allows you to launch and start creating content, organise your marketing campaign. Create, write and start analyzing the results. It allows to start generating awareness for your products and deliver results fast. Eliminate numerous barriers in your organisation by delivering your people the proper tools to do their job.

A platform does not need to be rigid. New development on the platform can be ongoing when you want to integrate new tools for your people to increase delivery. Now every tool will be present on every site. A huge win in getting the maximum out of your investments. The drupal content management system setup as a multisite allows you to aggregate all your tools ever developed on one platform.

Functionality drupal offers: Multisite creation and maintenance, groups, integrated spaces, domain dependent functions, ... 


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