New drupal site using gigya module

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Dominique De Cooman

A new site implementing gigya. The module has been altered in many ways.

Making it more usable.

For example the login flow is changed.
The original module didnt support a site with existing users. The flow was changed so the existing users get the chance to connect their account on the site by signing in for the last time. After users are connected, they log in using only their facebook account. For new users after choosing they are new, a drupal account is created using :

user_external_login_register($name, $module);

After this, the drupal account and facebook account are connected. New users allways log in using their facebook account.
Some other stuff was changed like making the facebook avatar the default avatar on registration.
The share button was changed to allow views, user profiles, etc to be share. In the orignal only views where allowed.
Also some bugs were fixed.

The site uses the gigya api for:

Status update and newsfeed posts (using actions and triggers) after comment posting and posting forum topic posting.
In the user profile friends are displayed.
To nodes, views and share with friends.

Finally the module provided a great start. It is well written and uses drupal correctly. It uses actions and triggers which is great because they are so easy to configure. Users profile support to sync with the networks is possible. User profile images are import from the networks...
I hope bug fixes and usability improvements are done in the next releases so we can keep using this module in future. Focus should be in making the module even more configurable, so different login/registration scenarios are possible making it possible for exisiting sites with existing users to use the module. Also more share options should be possible. Thanks to the developers of the gigya module japerry and jbrauer they did a great job.

The example site is an illustrated story in dutch ->

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