Mime mail module and multilingual support

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Dominique De Cooman

I discovered this flaw in the mimemail module when working with send module in a multilingual site.
In the mimemail.module the function mimemail_html_body() gets called which you ll find in the mimemail.inc file.
Here in the preg_replace _mimemail_url() gets called which will format all your urls in the mail.
But what happens is that the when you have a node http://yoursite.com/fr/node/7 the url gets transformed to http://yoursite.com/fr/fr/node/7
Quick fix: Patch the module and put on line 518 before the url() function:

= array('nl''fr''de');//all languages
foreach ($languages as $lang) {
$path str_replace($lang''$path);

Real fix:
Multilingual support in the mimemail module. Should be taken into account where the replace gets called on line 300 in mimemail.inc

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