The complete drupal multilingual variables list

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Dominique De Cooman

Here is the drupal multilingual variables list so far:

Only core and core module module multilingual variables are included.

['i18n_variables'] = array(   

If you see one missing add them in the comments below, then I ll add them to the list for future copy/pasting of the multilingual varibales list.

For those who are not familiar with these variables they should be pasted in the settings.php file of your drupal installation. To see the effect you'll go to /admin/settings/site-information and fill in a site title, change the language of the site and fill in another title for the site in that language. When you switch the language you ll see the site title change too. All these variables can have multiple values according to the number of languages enabled.

For more on making drupal multilingual check out this great starters article:


The complete drupal multilingual variables list

If you're trying to build a list of all variables... just do "select name from variable".

The complete drupal multilingual variables list

That would leave you with lots of variables that arent in need of translating. The purpose of this pages is to list variables that are actually worth translating. I.e. all strings and sentences that appear on the front end and some multilingual settings like the menu source settings for example.

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