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Warming the cache gives your users extremely fast pages all the time. Using varnish, xmlsitemap, cron and bash you can give your clients very fast pages.

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Databases grow even when not a lot of new content is created. What happens is drupal mysql tables start to create overhead, especialy on tables with a lot of deletions. Cache tables, watchdog, access log, variable, ... . Sites that have been running for almost 5 years like this site for example create lots of overhead.
Optimize mysql tables

Drupal performance checklist

How to obtain optimal performance from Drupal and the LAMP stack.

Facebooks bigpipe

Facebooks BigPipe: Pipelining web pages for high performance.

Drupal caching

Benchmark php

Benchmark php.

Benchmark a webserver

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If you want to save only a specific field on your entity instead of saving the whole entity you can. In a submodule of the fields module you ll find a module called field_sql_storage module. In that module all functions available for the sql storage backend can be used. One of them is field_sql_storage_field_storage_write, which you give your entity, type, operator (update, insert) and which fields to save.

Pantheon service

An all-in-one Drupal platform.

Database sharding and drupal

Database sharding and other high scalability features.


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