Is a platform that hosts over 200 school sites for the state education of the city of Antwerp.

On this project I was the lead developer on a team of 4 developers. I did the technical analysis and came up with the right architecture. I guided the implementation of the required functionality. Reviewed all the code. Coached the developers on the team. installed best practices regarding testing and continuous integration. And i implemented several key features myself. We worked about 9 months on this website.

This site contains an organic groups - spaces - features model to host the 200 websites. We have build a corporate site on top of all the content hosted in the school sites. We have extensive search capabilities (geo search, faceted search and context search). The content is presented in a categorized way and can also be maintained this way. Every aspect of this site is customizable. Content creators are presented with the right tools to administer this application.

The school sites them selves contain common functionality that these type of site require. Like news, calendar, slide show, albums, newsletter, ... Each sub site can have its users and roles. each school web master can maintain his or her site.

This site has a test suite of more than a 100 tests testing all functionality in this project automatically. Since this is a project that requires constant integration of new features we need to have it tested automatically to avoid regression.

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