This module review page is far from complete. In time I ll review some more of my favorite modules.

When working with taxonomy, especialy large vocabularies with deep hierarchies the standard taxonomy module isnt enough to manage your vocabularies. To maintain the vocabulary in drupals backend the most obvious choice is

This is a must have module on every multilingual site. It will impress clients everytime.

What it does

With this module you can theme your nodes by interface in a easy user friendly way (unlike panels, which can do pretty much what ds can but with a million clicks more).
The display suite is collection of modules all sharing the same api, the modules that implement the api are:

The openlayers module and its submodules allows users to combine maps from different providers into drupal. It is a very powerful module capable of building geo applications in drupal.

This module has the potential to fill the form theming gap. For now it is still in alpha but it has potential.
It uses jquery to arrange your form elements. Takes into account fieldset (but not the field in the fieldsets).
It does not integrate with the multistep module.

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