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I am an experienced drupal trainer. I can help you or your team improve on any terrain in drupal development.

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Drupal training

Learning teams how to start using drupal effectively following drupal standards and best practices is our goal.

Right now, no dedicated training programs to train Drupal consultants exist. Dominique De Cooman has played a key role in training junior developers at several Belgian webagencies. With the experience of training and coaching dozens of developers we have designed a training course outline that covers any topic (see below).

The commercial drupal training programs on the Drupal market on very basic. They consist of a module development course, a theming course and a site-building course. Our training course is wider and deeper than anything available on the market. All the knowledge that will be taught is directly derived from experience in professional drupal development on the highest level. DDC played a big role in setting up the automated development environments in several web agencies in Benelux. We know what a developer must know to thrive in these environments. We know how a developer can become a rock star as fast as possible. Most of these basic trainings are too shallow and do not prepare the developer to be working with professional tools.

Our drupal training is unique because it will teach the drupal developer the whole process: from conception to delivery. He will understand each role in the process. This is very important. This way a developer knows his place in the process and what is expected of him. He will be able to communicate to members of the team, to managers, designers, project managers and clients of the client.

Having well trained developers increases your teams performance. Developers working by the standards create less maintenance, are faster and more reliant. Having well trained developers will save you money.

Advanced drupal training

 The outline of our course is structured in the following modules. You can select the modules in the training course you want your teams to follow. Contact us to get a quote on each module. We can design training courses to any drupal related subject.

Improve communication skills

  • What does a client expect
  • How does a typical enterprise is structured
  • How is a development department structured
  • How to talk to clients
  • What is imprtant for a client
  • Anticipate client needs
  • Anticipate signs of trouble
  • Work performance

Team development

  • How does a team works together
  • What tools does it use
  • Why working in team is different
  • Scrum – agile – Kanban - Waterfall

LAMP Stack

  • Installation environment
  • Ubuntu basics
  • Basics command line
  • Apache
  • Mysql
  • Php

Drupal installation

  • Setup
  • Install profiles
  • Bootstrap
  • Drush
  • Drush install + basics

Drupal site building

  • Fields – Data modeling
    • Nodes
    • Users
    • Files
    • Taxonomy
    • Views
  • Panels
  • Page manager – contextual site building
  • Organic groups – spaces - features
  • Webforms
  • Media
  • Menus
  • Internationalisation
  • Ui site building
    • Gallery
    • Page components
    • Slideshows
    • Wysiwyg
  • Backend building
    • Workflows
    • Administration tools
    • Rules
    • SEO
    • Access
    • Geographical
    • Social
    • Marketing
    • Basic search

Module knowledge
Learn to use all the right modules.

Drupal coding

  • Php basics
  • Basics hook implementations
  • Major api use
    • Form api
    • Menu – router api
    • Database
    • Variables
    • User api
    • Node api
    • Blocks
    • Filter
    • Taxonomy
    • Caching
    • Jquery
  • Best practices
  • Repo structure
  • Scripts
  • Variables
  • Standards
  • Staging & development workflow
    • Features
    • Hook update
    • Jenkins
  • Tools
    • Subversion - Git
    • Netbeans
    • Xdebug
    • Jenkins
    • Devel

Third party components & drupal        

  • Apache Solr
  • Apc
  • Varnish
  • Memcached

Drupal theming

  • Basics of theming
  • Responsive theming
  • Mobile theming
  • Html5

Advanced coding

  • Module apis (views, ...)
  • Step throughs
    • Homepage
    • Node save
    • User save
    • File upload
    • View execution
    • Page manager excution
  • Major apis explain how it works (not just implementing)
    • Entity api
    • Batch api
    • Cache api
    • Ajax
    • Database
    • File api
    • Image api
    • Locale & language
    • Pager
    • Registry
    • Session
    • Theme
    • ...

Advanced topics

  • Migrations
  • Commerce
  • Search
  • Distributions
  • Performance
  • Testing
  • Security
  • Web services
  • Server configuration
  • Setting up development workflow & deployment
  • Drupal and enterprise integration
  • Community
  • Getting help
  • Contributing
  • Drupal universe
  • ...

Get trained now

Start to learn drupal now. Wether you are a business owner, operations manager or CIO/CTO that what to send his team, a developer, an entousiast, a webmaster, a project manager or just someone who wants to know drupal by trying it hands on, our training course is what you need.

The training course touched a very wide range of topics. Select your topics and have yourself trained or your team trained by professional drupal developers and drupal trainers.

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or call directly +32 485 61 47 43. Get quality drupal training.


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