Drupal Testing

drupal testingTired of regression?

Tired of bugs appearing on every release?

Waisting lots of precious resources on manual testing?

Losing revenue to undiscovered bugs?

Let us help you setup a test suite so you know your functionality is tested



Drupal testing

How does it work? We analyze the application. We make a list of all critical functionality and we define a test suite. We will then develop all these test in function of what needs to be tested.

We have two types of tests:

unit tests: this is a test that tests the outcome of pieces of code. In an already developed application adding unit tests at the will require in most cases significant refactoring. We only recommend this for absolute mission critical code.

functional tests: These can be developed once the application is ready. The functional test will run a series of requests against the application and will try to execute all the scenarios a normal user would do. Once we have our functional test suite we will be able to execute all user actions over and over again. Its purpose is to verify with each change in the application if every thing is still working.

If you have a Quality assurance system then you can learn how to introduce these automatic tests in your workflow. Each time a change is commited in the repository the test suite will run and the developers will receive mails with the results. No untested code should arrive on production anymore. You should be able detect any major flaws that could result in loss of revenue because a customer is unable to use certain functionality.

Testing as way of working

If you are interested in learning more about this way of working.

Contact me for a brainstorm session. Leave your
or call directly +32 485 61 47 43 We can explain what the options are and how we can get thing moving. Start testing your drupal development.


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