Drupal high performance infrastructure

drupal testingWant to host a big drupal site?

You want just set up your big drupal site on a reliable platform?

You dont want to pay a fortune on dedicated high end saas hosting?

You want to be able to get some support when you need it?

We can hook you up with an optimized and redundant drupal stack. depending on your needs we can get you the right package.



Drupal hosting

What does a big drupal site need to be stable and performant? A big drupal site needs an optimized lamp stack, dedicated caching, redundancy and the ability to take peaks in traffic. Our drupal hosting does just that. We use an optimized lamp stack with memcached, varnish and apc. We can have a setup where components are redundant and can autoscale to take peak traffic.

We have dedicated support 24/7 so if something isn't right with your application you will be able to call us and we will help you out. We deliver support for your application.

If you want to we can help you how you can optimize your application on our drupal hosting.

Our infrastructure we leave to experts. We do what we are good at and that is running drupal on optimized stacks and support our clients in doing so.

Hosts your site

If you are interested in learning more about this advanced form of drupal hosting.

Contact me for quote. Leave your
or call directly +32 485 61 47 43 We can explain what the options are and how we can get thing moving. Get quality drupal hosting and support.


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