Business analysis, leverage processes with a cms

You want to do a business process analysis to discover the need for a content management system?

You want to know how your business can save money and reduce cost by benefiting from a cms?

You want a cms that can deliver value?

Get a cms tailored to your business.

Get the right software for the right problem.

Being a Drupal Software Architect means I can help you analyze your business in function of content management and help you leverage your processes with a content management system.



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Business Process analysis

To start a business process analysis we first sit down with everyone involved to discover the business needs. This is done in a stakeholder analysis.It is a technique you can use to identify and assess the importance of key people , groups of people , or institutions that may significantly influence the success of your activity or project. This step will reveil your business needs and what is possible within budget. We ll talk with all the people involved: application users, business stakeholders, technical people, ... and discover how all the different elements will influence the application being designed.

We will create a swot analysis concerning your business using a content management system. This will reveal why you need it.

After the swot analysis is done the next step is to create a conceptual and functional analysis. This functional analysis will come up with the information architecture and feature selection and will produce wireframes. These wireframes will be accompanied by functional text explaining what all elements on the elements of the content management system are doing. The concept needs to meet a range of criteria including usability, accessibility, attractiveness, findability, credibility, value and usefulness.

The business process analysis essential to discover the true need for an application. This will reveal if a content management system is needed and if it will be able to deliver value. Don't just pay to have a system. Be sure it automates things, generates revenue, reduce costs.

Implementation of the process

The creation of technical analysis will be needed which will be a document for the drupal develoment team to start creating the drupal application. Developers will exactly know what to build and how to build into the content management system.

With the technical document we can start the implementation. Learn how development is done.

When the implementation is done the process does not stop we measure the results and use this data to improve the process. The cycle starts again. Each iteration of the cycle will result in the discovery of more revenue, more efficient processes and reduced costs.


Mission of the business analyst

The software architect his job is to sit down with the people how know the business, he has the ability to work with business analysts by doing a business process analysis in function of software needs.

Being a Software Architect I can not only design the application but I can also make sure development goes as planned. I can followup on how the application is being made and if the application is up to standards) I can assist teams with training and leading. Like an architect reviewing a building until completed a software architect does the same thing for the application.

Creating value & reducing costs

Having done the total analysis consisting of the business, functional, conceptual and technical analysis with drupal a focus on drupal cms ensures that no valuable resources are wasted on creating certain functionality. A challenge often existing when working with different parties involving people with different skills. Although drupal should not influence the design process, not knowing what a cms like drupal can do out of the box will often cause complicated solutions that were already available. This could result in functionality being implemented in a cost ineffectif way. Knowing drupal give us the opportunity to consider alternatives for attaining the same business goal.

Development will be much smoother and cleaner when all levels of analysis are done with drupal in mind. The developers will end up with a straight forward technical analysis.

Creating the complete analysis also eliminates time consuming communication between the involved parties. Often lots of miss communications happens between partners that don't really know each others business. Functional/conceptual people often are not fully aware how developers operate and vice versa. Also a gap can exist between business, functional and technical. This problem is completely eliminated since all three terrains are well understood by the same party.

This will reduce the development and maintenance cost of the solution. Lowering the level of custom coding and increasing communication efficiency will lead to an increase in usefulness of the solution and deliver extra value to its business goal.

DDC as a business process analyst and software architect

I am a drupal software architect who analyzes business processes in function of the need to leverage these processes with the drupal content management system. I own several businesses so I know what is important for a business when it comes to content management. I can analyze your processes and detect where we can use a content management system to reduce costs by automating and making certain tasks easier. I can help you spot opportunities, help you discover revenue streams. By combining your knowledge and my knowledge we can reduce costs and increase revenue.

Discover what content management can mean to your business and how we are specialized.


Why Focus on Drupal as a cms

Our focus is on drupal when it comes to content management. We believe that drupal will the most flexible and future proof solution when it comes to picking a cms.

  • Drupal is opensource which means you can modify and extend the source code as you fit. No vendor lock in.
  • Drupal has now been around for over ten years.
  • Multimilion dollar venture backed companies have been build around it.
  • Tens of thousands developers work daily to improve drupal.
  • High profile companies have integrated drupal deeply into their IT infrastructure knowing that drupal will be the web platform of the future.
  • Drupal websites number about 2% of the internet.

Have your business processes analyzed

Discover the need for a content managment system by doing a business process analysis.

I can help you discover new revenue streams.

I can help you reduce costs, automate processes and increase collaboration.

I can provide you with overall vision and maintain this vision from business process analysis throughout development of the content management system.

Ensuring no precious resources are wasted without you knowing about it.

Contact me for a brainstorm session. Leave your
or call directly +32 485 61 47 43 We can explain what the options are and how we can get thing moving. Get your business analyzed.



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